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Our Photography Equipment

Our Photography Gear

We believe that there is more to wedding photography than having a nice camera. But with that said, we'd love to share with you whats in our gear box. We've spent years, investing in the gear that we bring to your wedding, and as you'll see below, we have quite an arsenal. From the camera body, lenses, lighting, filter and other accessories, we're equipped to do the job, both from a skill set perspective as well as an equipment one.

Our Camera System

We use the Canon 5D Mark III camera body. This is Canon's latest and greatest in the 5D lineup, which is rated one of the best camera bodies in the world. We use the 5D Mark III as both our primary and backup system.

  • 4x Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Our Lenses

Our studio only uses lenses L Series lenses, which are Canon's professional line of SLR lens. They are notable for their superior image quality, higher optic quality and robust design and reliability. Lenses can be divided into multiple categories, based on their intended use. Our lens line up includes:

Ultra Wide

Standard Zoom

Telephoto Zoom

Wide Angle Prime

Standard & Medium Telephoto Prime

Telephoto Prime

Super Telephoto

  • 1x Extender EF 2x


Tilt Shift

Supplemental Lighting Equipment

Natural lighting can only go so far, so our studio is equipped with full studio lighting equipment, which can be triggered remotely by radio. These include:


In addition to the equipment above, our studio also utilizes professional grade filters, bags, cases, tripods, light stands, reflectors, batteries and more. All our equipment is rated for the rigors of wedding photography.


  • 2x 27" Apple iMac Computers w/ 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 and 24gb Ram
  • 4x Apple Thunderbolt Displays
  • Promise Pegasus R2 24TB RAID Storage
  • 2x Promise Pegasus R2 6TB RAID Storage

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere