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Seattle and Mount Vernon Wedding & Family Photography

Tazer Valley Farm | Seattle Wedding Photography

Today we were at Tazer Valley Farm in Snohomish County, the city of Stanwood. We would love to introduce the world to Mary and Russell. We just love photographing people during their Wedding. This fun, vibrant and very sweet are Russell is holding his new wife, Mary in a field just after sunset.. This picture was taken at Tazer Valley Farm iat 7314 300th Street Northwest in Stanwood, Washington 98292 on September 4, 2015 at 7:30pm towards the end of the summer. Camera gear is super important, and photographing the subject just right is something we take very seriously. We used the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a EF 70-200mm f2.8 lens and a Speedlite flash system. to photograph them. When photographing our subjects, careful consideration is paid to every aspect of the picture. But with this, a lot of stuff goes right. For example, in this picture Mary and Russell are of mid career age, yet their wedding had the energy and vibrance of a couple half their age. They were so much fun to photograph. Mary had her own Pinterest board and really wanted those cliché type photographs, which we love to get. They are genuinely great people, and even more fun to photograph. There were some challenges with this picture. For example, The weather wasn't cooperating, so we had a little rain, and a little lightning storm, but overall, we had fun and this was an easy wedding to photograph.. As a wedding and engagement photographer, we not only look at the picture. Taking great Wedding pictures means looking at the whole entire scene, not just the subject you want to take a picture of.A37 For example, colors. Colors are very important as they draw the attention of the viewer to the picture. In this particular photograph, Mary was wearing a white, strapless wedding dress. Russell was wearing mens formalwear with a vest. Photography for your special event is fun. Make sure you call on Events by Heather & Ryan out of Marysville, Washington for your next wedding, engagement session or other special event photography. We have competitive wedding photography prices and packages to suit any budget. We met Mary and Russell just one week before their wedding. Their other wedding photographer had cancelled on them, so we stepped in and took over. When we spoke with Mary, she let it be known she would be a fun bride and really wanted to get a lot of great shots. This shot, a sunset shot had a lot of red, orange and blue hues from the sunset. And starting now, we offer competitive Seattle wedding videography packages to compliment our wedding and engagement photography. Keywords: seattle wedding photography (467), tazer valley farm wedding photography (12), wedding photographer at tazer valley farms (12). 1/125; f/2.8; ISO 800; 160.0 mm.