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Seattle Wedding Photography | Monte Cristo Ballroom

Meet Tamara and Ryan. They had a wedding. They are standing outside of the ceremony hall at the Monte Cristo Ballroom. The bride is wearing a white strapless wedding dress, holding a her bridal bouquet, red daisy's. The groom is wearing a grey tuxedo with a boutonnière. They just got married and the groom, Ryan is showing off his wedding ring. They are happy, yet a little joyful as well. We took this picture because of the expression on their faces. You can tell they are totally in love, yet a little on the creative and playful side. This picture was taken at the Monte Cristo Ballroom on Wall Street in Everett, Washington. That's in Snohomish County by the way. I love this picture because they totally nailed it with the expression on their faces. This image was taken in the summer of 2014; August 8 to be exact just after their ceremony, which was at 5:00pm. We took this picture with our Canon 5D Mark III, with a 24-70mm lens. When creating this image, we told the bride and groom to be natural. Natural pictures look better. As soon as Tamara and Ryan walked out from the ceremony, they joined their family next door for a nice cocktail hour, where appetizers and drinks were served. We took this picture because it really sums up their love together. They are a playful couple and really got into the wedding. The Monte Cristo Ballroom is a historic building, located in downtown Everett. Everett is a suburb of Seattle, which is located on the northern shores of the Puget Sound. It is on the national historic registry. Colors present in the image are purple hues from the DJ's up lights, white and grey. Lots of red and creams.

Location: Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett.

1/125; f/2.8; ISO 2500; 70.0 mm.